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Hi y’all!

My family consists of my husband Jimmy, myself and my 3 year old un-neutered crazy male cat Big Boy (whom we had neutered. The cat, not the husband). We have 2 grown daughters who have given us 3 grandsons and a beautiful grand-daughter.

My husband is a lung cancer survivor (10 years cancer free) who still smokes, but my grandmother did the same and she lived for years after and died of old age and a broken heart once my grandfather passed. Hubby had the worst type of lung cancer there is, a pancoast tumor, the Dr.s didn’t give him a 20% chance of making it to surgery, 0% of surviving at all. If he can beat that, have faith that you or a loved one can also. And I was an L.P.N., retired/disabled now.

We are kinda from the south, but not really. Funny thing happened to us. We moved to Western VA, and a drought started that year (Holston Lake is still way down I believe), then moved to Bristol TN for several years (wish we were still there), we were there in 2011 when the tornado came through and destroyed Glade Springs, VA , which is just outside of Bristol. We moved back home because of family issues in 2012, and the derecho came through and the last couple of winters have been the coldest in years and years! A friend told me to stop moving!

I love doing crafty things, cooking, and DIYing. We just bought a 2 bedroom, 2 bath 1991 Fleetwood Vogue in very decent shape, but horrid decor. You know, all the matchy, matchy blue rooms, cheap cabinets, vanities and tub/shower/surrounds.

BTW, I am not a writer, have never studied writing, so you will be sitting back correcting my grammar. 🙂 I do (mostly) use correct spelling (they, their, them), but as for sentence and paragraph composition. Ehh, not so good. I do not use u and r as words. So, yeah, if you are grammar police you might as well move on. And, btw, I use “ain’t”  when I’m joking. And I use “y’all” a lot.

So, if y’all think you can stand all that, hang around a bit. If not, please don’t make snide comments.

Thank you,

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