Pet Peeve


I just followed a link from pinterest “Best Shabby Decoration Ideas”, which lead me to a blog. No, not a blog, just about 25 big ‘ol pictures of cute things. So, that lead to one of my biggest pet peeve or major irritation at seeing these nice pictures on pinterest, and you follow the link, and you get there and all it is is pictures!! Or follow from one blog to another blog, then another, on and on.

There is absolutely no words, only pictures. No instructions, no list of where things came from. And if its from another blog they may or may not send you to that blog where there’s still no info.

I think the biggest “whole kernel” is the blog owner/blogger not answering any questions about anything. I ran down the long list of questions people had asked, and not one answer. If you don’t care enough to put any kind of info or answer any question, why be a “blogger”?

I’m not new to blogging, I have blogged for 6-7 years on a game I play. If we don’t add the info of the products we are blogging, we get no followers, which in turn causes us not to be added to feeds, which causes us to not attract creators. I just don’t understand how people can call themselves bloggers.


About Char

I am a daughter, wife, mother, grandmother just trying to get through this thing we call life the best way I can. I love anything DIY and crafty.
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