Setting Priorities

When planning a remodel that covers the whole house, and you’re on a budget, you need to set priorities.

Also, its nice to do one thing through the whole house at once because you can see progress and wont get discouraged. Like, we will be removing the battens and filling the seams and holes in all rooms. So, we will remove all the battens at once in all rooms. Then we will fill the seams and holes in all rooms at once. I am planing on painting the rooms different colors, so the painting will wait, but, I will prime the walls as we go.

Other than that, I have to really sit down and decide what I want to work on first. I think maybe the kitchen, my eyes are always drawn there first because of the dark wallpaper and the island (I lurve my island!!). The kitchen is going to be pricey, but that’s ok. It’s a big area consisting of kitchen, dining area, pantry and laundry room. It will be what I want, not what a manufactured home manufacturer decided to put in.

The whole mobile home will be in the farmhouse style. and you know, what’s farmhouse without an apron sink? *does snoopy happy dance* LOL! OK, so, let me go and make plans of what needs done and what I want in the finished kitchen.


About Char

I am a daughter, wife, mother, grandmother just trying to get through this thing we call life the best way I can. I love anything DIY and crafty.
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