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Setting Priorities

When planning a remodel that covers the whole house, and you’re on a budget, you need to set priorities. Also, its nice to do one thing through the whole house at once because you can see progress and wont get … Continue reading

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Toilet Fizzie’s

I found this recipe on some blog or something a few years ago and I absolutely love it. It takes care of odors and the fizzy loosens dirt and stains so things aren’t hard to clean. You’ll love them!

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My Bucket List to Glam

In order to get to my glam bucket list, I have to do some basic mundane bucket list things first. My basic, mundane bucket list for my mobile home is a long one. Some things will be room specific, others … Continue reading

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Why Live in a Mobile Home?

There is an estimated 20 million Americans living in mobile homes, according to Census figures. (2013)  Why so many, you ask? Why so few, I ask? Most people that live in mobile homes, choose to now. As a matter of fact, mobile … Continue reading

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